About BAH Photography:

"I started my freelance photography journey the summer of 2010 when I finally found someone to be my guinea pig and let me do their senior pictures 'professionally' (thanks, Nicole!) I have always loved photography and until I took a couple photo courses in college, I just putzed around with my rinky-dink Casio point-n-shoot camera and over-edited everything in a free Google photo editing program (glowing faces, blurred edges and selective coloring, OH MY!) It was then that I was introduced to my first dSLR, and I was hooked the instant I pressed the shutter release! I experienced the power of different lenses and NEEDED equipment of my own. Needless to say, on my college student and stay-at-home mom 'income', that wasn't going to happen. So, instead of using our tax return for bills or car/home repairs (who needs those?!), I spent it on my first camera set-up. Since then, I have been shooting whenever I am able. I am also not above begging people to model for me so I can let loose and get the creative juices flowing. Through experience, I've learned a lot since I first started, and I'm constantly learning new shooting or editing techniques through the art of experimentation. It is an honor when people like my work enough to hire me for their special days and/or events."


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