• Monthly Payment- $50*

(Due the 1st week of each month from September through May)

  • Multiple Class/Sibling Discount- Each additional class= $40*

(This discount is only applicable if using the Monthly Payment option)


  • Dual Payment Discount- 2 payments of $215**

(1st installment due the 1st week of Sept.; 2nd installment due the 1st week of January)

  • Full Season Payment Discount- $415**

(Due the 1st week of September)


Registration Fee- $10; $5 for each additional family member

(Reserves space for the student; Fee is non-refundable and must be paid with registration)

Private Lesson- $30/hr.

(Payment due before lesson begins)


*Any payment not made by the due date is subject to late charges (See late payment policy)

**Dual & full season payment discounts are not currently available due to the uncertainty of cancellations surrounding covid-19

(See Covid-19 policy)

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